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The Ashby Memory Method is a therapeutic program for people who are already experiencing memory loss.  Unlike many programs, it is not designed as a preventative brain exercise for young people. It is intended for those who are already in the throes of memory loss.

AMM is suitable for those who suffer from memory loss due to various types of illness or injury.  Listed below are the most frequent cases we see, but please contact us if you have a request that is not listed below.

  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease:  you do not need to have a formal diagnosis of dementia to be eligible for the AMM program.  The wait-lists for Geriatric assessments can be lengthy and the process onerous so a clinical diagnosis is not required.
  • Parkinson’s Disease:  those who suffer from Parkinson’s have a 60% chance of also suffering from dementia (a much higher rate than the average population).  Many people who have Parkinson’s report confusion and difficulty with memory, as well as language retrieval.  AMM has proven to be successful with those who suffer from Parkinson’s.
  • Brain Injury:  since the AMM program is based on research with brain injury rehabilitation, the program is an ideal fit for some who has suffered a traumatic brain injury.
  • Stroke:  the result of a stroke is very similar to that of a brain injury—a section of the brain is no longer functioning after blood flow was obstructed.  Depending upon which area of the brain was affected by stroke, the AMM program can be highly effective.  Stroke survivors often utilize the AMM program for assistance with language and word retrieval.
  • Depression:  quite often, depression is associated with the above conditions, which only confounds memory loss even further.  The positive reinforcement of the AMM program coupled with the empowerment of seeing changes in one’s own memory lead to increased confidence and improved mood.

Age does not matter.  Our youngest AMM client to date is 44 years old, and our eldest is 98.  The onset of memory-related conditions can occur at any age so no one is too young or too old to receive help with their memory.  For a list of frequently asked questions about AMM, you may visit the national AMM website: 

AMM is about improving quality of life for individuals.  Each person’s progress will be unique, and their goals will be different.  We help clients to achieve success in ways that will improve their quality of living and independence—values that are important at any age in life.  To read about the success of local AMM participants, please click this button:  

To learn more about the scientific results of AMM, please click this button:    




Ashby Memory Method

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