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Your father’s licence has been revoked, but he doesn’t remember that, so he is still looking for his car keys.  Your mother forgets to take her medications and can’t keep track of the date.  You’re so stressed out caring for your parents that you’re beginning to worry about your own memory!

Memory loss is a hot topic—and not just for the elderly, but also for mature adults such as yourself.  People are increasingly aware that maintaining a healthy brain is just as important as maintaining a healthy body.  Much like physical exercise though, it can be difficult to know what to do to benefit your brain health.  For physical exercise advice, you need a personal trainer.  For brain health and memory therapy, you need the Ashby Memory Method.

The Ashby Memory Method (AMM) provides cognitive stimulation that differs from daily life.  It is brain retraining: re-teaching your brain to store and retrieve information when you need it most.  AMM is based on the science of neuroplasticity—the brain’s never-ending ability to grow, learn, and develop. See background page for more information by clicking this button:

In the past, doctors were quick to dismiss any illnesses associated with memory (ie: dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s) as just being degenerative diseases.  Once you had the diagnosis, there was nothing more the doctor could do for you.  Neuroplasticity research now shows us that just because one area of the brain is affected by illness does not mean that the entire brain no longer functions.  Indeed, the active and functional portion of the brain still has the ability to learn.  The healthy brain areas can be taught to take over the functions of the illness-affected regions of the brain.  Thus, the active and healthy portion of the brain can compensate for the areas that have been affected by illness.

AMM focuses on the healthy portion of the brain by providing cognitive stimulation to keep those active and healthy areas strong.  The earlier someone begins the AMM program, the more likely she is to see dramatic results because she has more healthy brain areas to stimulate.  Even still, we have seen improvement even in clients who are quite progressed with dementia.  To see a list of the backgrounds of people who have improved from AMM, please click this button: Ashby Memory Method

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