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The Ashby Memory Method (AMM) is all about increasing quality of life for people who experience memory loss.  The most important results are those experienced every day by the participants and their families.

The benefits of AMM extend beyond improved memory.  Following is a list of some of the benefits current participants are appreciating:

  • Increased Memory
  • Renewed Confidence
  • Independence
  • Initiation & Motivation
  • Refreshed Interest in Hobbies/Activities
  • Enhanced Attention Span
  • Interest in Socializing
  • Improved Ability to Converse
  • Reduced Agitation and Anxiety
  • Increased Problem Solving and Reasoning Skills
  • Improved Quality of Life
  • Elevated Mood

With all of these benefits and no potential side-effects, why not have your loved one try AMM to see how it can work for him or her? 

For more information about the scientific results of AMM, please click this button: 

There are many examples of client success—here are a few quick local examples (client names have been withheld to protect confidentiality)

We have seen multiple clients regain language again following a stroke.  Stroke survivors often undergo speech therapy which helps with their capability to form sounds and words, but their language is often lacking—they cannot recall the words or sentences that they wish to say.  AMM helps with word-finding and other elements of language.

One particular client was diagnosed with dementia over five years ago and has seen improvement in her ability and memory since using the AMM program; she has seen very little (if any!) decline. 

Another client resides in a retirement home and she can become agitated and confrontational at times.  Following her AMM sessions, she is more relaxed and content. The regular routine of AMM sessions greatly increases her quality of life and allows her to remain in a retirement setting instead of being moved to a nursing home.

A client with dementia had begun to withdraw from social activities feeling that he could not follow conversations well enough to interact.  Plus, he could not recall the social outing by the next day, so he was withdrawing and isolating himself.  After a few months of AMM, he began to get his spark and interest in life back again!  He has been actively attending his church, his breakfast outings with a group of friends, and as many local music concerts as he can.

You can also go to the national AMM website to read more success stories from accross Canada.  To read those stories and share your own successes, please click here: 

There are countless examples of how daily life has improved for clients who utilize AMM.  We are excited to create a success story with you too!




Ashby Memory Method

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