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Before you start the Ashby Memory Method (AMM), you will receive a free consultation.  You will have a chance to ask questions and ensure that you know what the program entails.  This consultation includes a brief assessment so that we know how well your loved one is currently doing and we have a comparison point to measure against in the future.  Since we provide a free consultation, your loved one does not necessarily need to have a clinical diagnosis or geriatric assessment to be eligible for the program.

Once the complimentary consultation is completed, your loved one is paired with a trained facilitator.  Trained facilitators must have a university degree in a related field (psychology, sociology, music therapy, etc), and then be certified as AMM facilitators through the Alzheimer’s Innovation Institute. 

AMM sessions are held in your loved one’s home so that he or she feels as comfortable and relaxed as possible.  Facilitators travel to the clients, and work one-on-one.  Memory loss is unique and the one-on-one format allows the facilitator to quickly adjust to your loved one’s needs on a day-by-day basis.  We all have good days where we can handle increased challenge, and we all have tougher days where we need things to be more accessible—AMM participants are no different and they require adaptability on the part of the facilitator to adjust to their ability level on a given day.

Together, the facilitator and your loved one work through a series of exercises designed to target the specific elements that pose a challenge to that individual.  Exercises are all modifiable so that they are sufficiently challenging to be effective, but are never frustrating.  AMM is based on errorless-learning methodology.  Unlike school, there are no tests, no memorizing of facts.  AMM is not about memorizing lists, it is about teaching your brain how to absorb information in the first place.

AMM can be adjusted to suit people who suffer from hearing or vision loss.  A woman who depended on visual memory throughout life (writing lists, looking at the calendar, etc) has difficulty coping when her eyesight begins to fail.  She needs to learn new coping mechanisms and retrain her brain to accept auditory cues.  A gentleman who is suffering from hearing loss may be feeling alienated from his peers as he is losing the cognitive stimulation of social interaction.  AMM can address these issues and boost a participant’s confidence again.

Stimulation for all five senses is incorporated into the program.  Tactile exercises are essential especially for those who were not academically inclined throughout their lives.  Topics are selected to suit your loved one’s interests, making each session engaging and inspiring.

Basics about how AMM is conducted:

  • AMM is all paper-based.  There is no software to learn, no computer required! 
  • No medications are involved, so there are no adverse side effects
  • Participant remains on their doctor-recommended medication regime—there is no interference between AMM and medications for memory loss
  • Facilitator travels to client’s home for minimum of twice-weekly one-hour sessions
  • Sessions are conducted one-on-one allowing for complete customization
  • Methodology is errorless earning; sessions will never be frustrating or discouraging.  Success is celebrated and your loved one receives positive reinforcement throughout the entire session.

    Ashby Memory Method



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