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Your loved one is not the only one who benefits from AMM—you, as a family caregiver, also feel the benefits.  Reducing caregiver stress is critical, because if you burn out, you will not be able to provide adequate care for your loved one.

AMM ensures that your loved one remains functioning at a higher level longer. Delaying the debilitating symptoms of memory loss by a few years will enable you to care for your loved one in the context of a home or retirement setting and can delay entry to a long term care facility. 

Based on a research study by the Alzheimer’s Innovation Institute, AMM extended the length of time someone could be cared for at home by nearly two years.

Financially speaking, AMM is hugely beneficial to both you and your loved one as well.  The cost of the program is a very small investment compared to the high costs associated with advanced dementia care.  Facility care costs thousands of dollars monthly, so avoiding or delaying moving into a nursing home by two years will save your family significant money.  Your loved one likely wants to remain at home for as long as possible—it is best for your loved one and is financially responsible as well.

The AMM facilitators are equipped to assist you as family caregivers—they can make recommendations about effective communication, suggest exercises you can do with your loved one, and talk about coping strategies for your family.  This creates a win-win situation where your loved one receives the highest level of care in the environment they want—home—and you receive the support that you need as a family caregiver.

There are many examples of how family members have benefited from AMM, here are a few quick examples.

One woman was frustrated with her husband’s deteriorating abilities before starting with AMM.  She wasn’t sure how to interest him in activities or encourage him to remain challenged.   Understanding the process of AMM completely changed her approach in how she cares for her husband and works alongside him.  She has new insight for how to communicate in a manner that makes sense to her husband.  She feels greatly encouraged and is delighted at her husband’s renewed enthusiasm for hobbies and interests. 

A son is very concerned about helping his father who had suffered a stroke.  He wants to provide additional therapy to his father, but he doesn’t have a clue  where to start.  He knows that mental stimulation is important for his father, but he is not equipped with ideas to promote cognitive activity.  The process of AMM gives this son ideas for how to help his father.  He is able to follow-up on the activities that are conducted in AMM sessions.  At his request, the facilitator was able to leave small homework assignments for the father and son to enjoy together.

A daughter, who is caring for her mother with dementia, was inclined to do all the speaking for her mother.  Her mother quickly learned that if she remained silent, her daughter would fill in the blanks on her behalf.  By no longer answering questions herself, or attempting to remember information on her own, the mother was no longer challenging her brain.  Through AMM, the mother and daughter learned new communication patterns whereby the daughter now gives her mother the opportunity to answer questions and participate in conversations as fully as possible.  The daughter only fills in the blanks if her mother is about to become frustrated.  Both the mother and the daughter were amazed at how well the mother is capable of carrying on a great conversation and answering questions if she is given a moment to compose her own ideas.  The mother feels empowered and the daughter is delighted at her mother’s improvement. 
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