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Your mother-in-law suffered a hip fracture and just had surgery.  She will now be in the rehabilitative unit of the hospital…possibly for weeks or even months depending upon her progress.  She is lonely and scared, but there is no way that you can be there to visit every day, or even every few days.  You are alarmed at the changes you see in her health and mental status each time you do visit.

Your mother-in-law needs a Companion Aide who will visit her while she remains in hospital.  The days are long with very little mental stimulation or physical activity, and your mother needs to remain active to prevent decline.  A Companion Aide can provide the mental and physical activity your mother deserves.

Regular Hospital Care


Companion Aides can encourage gentle exercise and follow the physiotherapy routine as prescribed by the rehab team.  Adding a daily routine of exercises will expedite your mother-in-law’s recovery.  Her physical strength and mobility will increase instead of decline.  With permission, Companion Aides can take your mother-in-law in a wheelchair out of her hospital ward.  They can tour around the hospital and even go outside for some fresh air.  The change of scenery will be a welcome relief.

The mental stimulation provided by a Companion Aide will help your mother to remain mentally alert.  Companion Aides will bring games, activities, books, etc to interest your mother-in-law when there is little else to do in a hospital setting.  Knowing that she has a dependable visitor to see her each afternoon will make her hospital stay more tolerable while also speeding her recovery along.

Hospital companionship visits are naturally short-term in nature.  As long as you require our Companion Aides to visit, we are pleased to oblige. When your loved one is discharged from hospital, we will reassess the situation to determine what (if any) help you require next.



Convalescent Care


Following your hospital stay or day surgery, you may need assistance as you recover.  Warm Embrace can provide convalescent care in the privacy of your own home.  As you regain your strength, we will gradually pull back our services until you are completely recovered and well again.  Returning home even earlier following a hospital stay is always a welcome relief!


                                                                                       Palliative Care

Your loved one is now in palliative care at Freeport or another location.  All of their physical needs are met and nurses check in frequently, but you want to know that someone is at your loved one’s bedside at all times. It simply is not possible for family to be at their bedside around the clock; you need to care for yourselves during such an emotionally exhausting time.  Warm Embrace can provide a caregiver during the day or night to ensure that a loving person is providing comfort measures at all times.  Comfort measures might include a compassionate listening ear, holding hands, rubbing their shoulders or feet, reading aloud, singing or humming meaningful tunes, feeding ice chips, applying cold/warm compresses, etc.  Knowing that your loved one has the attentive care that he or she deserves will allow you to replenish your strength for the times that you can be present.



Nursing Home Companionship

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